Student Loan Refinancing


Thrive’s Student Loan Eliminator helps you consolidate your student loans into one loan with a fixed rate and term, helping you pay off your loans quicker and paying less interest over time.

Student Loan Eliminator Rates*

Term Description APR as low as   
60 Months5.50%
72 Months5.75%
84 Months6.00%
96 Months6.25%

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  • Member must have used student loans towards a degree/schooling.
  • Member must have made 3 years of payments to current lender with no late payments, deferrals or forbearance.
  • Amount loaned up to $30,000
  • Must have a credit score of at least 660
  • Term of loan – up to 8 years
  • Eligible Loans – federal and private
  • Degree Types – graduate and undergraduate

*Rates available based on credit score. Other criteria may apply. This loan is not to be used to finance education, but to pay off current student loan debt.

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Member Reviews

“I recently learned of the Student Loan Eliminator program through Thrive Credit Union while talking about my frustration with my current student loan holder. I was explaining how my interest rates were high and I didn’t feel like I was making any progress on paying down my student loans due to daily interest accrual and compounding interest . That’s when I was referred to contact Thrive about their new program and the staff was amazingly helpful with the enrollment process! By moving all of my student loans to Thrive Credit Union, my interest rate is lower and I will pay my loans off a lot quicker. Overall, moving my loans and participating in this program will save our family nearly $5,500!” – Tiffany Kerrigan & Family, members since 2019 



“I received my master’s degree from Ball State University in 2014. Since then, I have been paying my student loan payments consistently and getting no where. In fact, I have been paying one student loan payment to Navient for over 6 years and actually owed more than the original loan amount because nothing was going to principal. I moved to Los Angeles 2 years ago to teach and coach volleyball and knew I needed to figure out how to get my student loans under control. When I found out about Thrive’s student loan eliminator program, I was able to finance $30,000 of my student loans with Thrive and set to pay them off in 8 years or less, plus save over $2,000 in interest savings. I am so grateful that Thrive offers this loan product. It is a game changer for me.” – Kaylee Smith, Member since 2013.