Thrive Credit Union

Share Certificates

Thrive Credit Union can help you earn higher dividends on your deposits with share certificates. With low minimum balance requirements and a variety of terms, share  certificates are a great savings option for just about everyone. Terms are available from 6 months to 5 years with a minimum balance of as low as $500.00. Of course, the more you deposit, the more you earn. You have several options on how your dividends are paid.

Options: You can have dividends compounded quarterly, transferred quarterly, or paid by check quarterly. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal.

Share Certificates

Dividends posted quarterly effective 5/30/2018 and are subject to change without notice.

Account TypeMinimumMaximumAPR***APY***
3 Months0.15%0.15%
6 Months0.40%0.40%
6 Months$10,0000.55%0.55%
12 Months0.75%0.75%
24 Months1.10%1.11%
36 Months1.40%1.41%
48 Months1.75%1.76%
60 Months2.00%2.02%
Share Certificate Special - Dividends posted quarterly ($2,500 minimum)RateYield
16 month Special1.60%1.61%
16 month with checking1.85%1.86%
28 Month Special1.85%1.86%
28 month with checking2.10%2.12%
50 Month Special2.25%2.27%
50 month with checking2.50%2.52%