Thrive Teens

Ages 13-17

Thrive Teens

Thrive Teens have the opportunity to take control of their financial lives. Teens can manage their account, order a free debit card, get access to 30,000 nationwide surcharge-free ATMs, and learn how to use online and mobile banking, which gives them the ability to view balances, make deposits, withdraw and transfer cash on the go. After joining, teens will see how easy it is to spend using cash, debit, credit and checks, along with the knowledge on how to manage their first paycheck.

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It’s easy to become a Thrive Teen!

  • Go to any Thrive location
  • Present one form of legal identification (license, social security card, state I.D.)
  • Deposit $5 to open the account

Thrive Teens must have a parent/guardian as a joint owner on their account. A parent/guardian must be a Thrive member with their own checking account in order to open a teen checking account for their child.


  • Choice of a free T-shirt or sunglasses when they join
  • Quarterly e-newsletter
  • Opportunities to enter contests and win prizes
  • Educational materials, tools and resources relevant to teens needs

Products and Services

Already a Thrive member?

Members are automatically enrolled into their age group’s program. Once you’re a teen, you’ll have access to all Thrive Teen’s products and services. Call us with any questions or go to one of our locations and pick up a free Thrive T-shirt or sunglasses.

Educational Materials and Resources

Our goal is to teach teens how to manage their money and understand finances so their bank accounts and financial knowledge grow as they grow into adults. More new, and often confusing, financial responsibilities appear throughout a member’s teen years. It can be overwhelming, but we don’t want it to be! Thrive uses Pocket Cents as a resource and our own materials to answer young consumers questions over topics such as:

More Tools and Resources