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Easter Weekend
April 20-April 21
Included with Zoo Admission

Jump, bounce, leap and hop to the Zoo for Easter Weekend to enjoy a fun-filled spring day and Easter-themed activities all weekend long!

As you come in, look over the schedule card that is included with your Zoo map for all of the day’s special activities.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, which makes Easter Weekend the perfect opportunity to celebrate the Zoo’s youngest animals, like orangutans, kudu, giraffes and lemurs! Learn more about our youngsters through special signs at exhibits that feature fun facts, written by their Keepers, about some of the Zoo’s youngest residents.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt, but here at the Zoo we add a “wild” spin on the tradition, with no basket required. Join in the fun to find the large Zoo-themed eggs hidden throughout the Zoo and White River Gardens. Simply make note of the locations of at least 10 of the 19 eggs to receive a special prize from the White River Gardens Gift Shop.

The animals will have a chance to get in on the fun too. Several animals will receive Easter-themed enrichment throughout the day like special treats, Easter baskets and egg-shaped decorations with new scents, smells or treats added! Additional animal chats and programming will also be added to the weekend for special opportunities to learn about some of the Zoo’s younger animals!


Zoo Fans Help Name our Snakes

Over the course of just two weeks, more than 3,600 names poured in from creative people around the world—27 different states and five different countries to be exact—for our reticulated python, green mama and black mamba.

The female reticulated python will be named Artemis after the mythological Greek goddess of the hunt. The name Mahiri (pronounced mah-HEE-ree), a Swahili word that means “vibrant,” was chosen for the green mamba. The black mamba will be named Haraka (pronounced ha-RAH-ka), which means “fast” in Swahili.

Size, Speed & Venom: Extreme Snakes will feature more than 20 incredible species, including some of the largest and most dangerous snakes on the planet. Widely regarded as one of the world’s deadliest snakes, the name black mamba derives not from the color of their bodies, which is actually brown, but from their sharply colored black mouths. Green mambas are also highly venomous and are distinguished by their striking and marvelous green skin. Unlike mambas that use speed and venom to hunt their prey, pythons instead rely their great size and incredible strength. The reticulated python is one of the world’s largest snakes, growing to nearly 30 feet in length with exquisite patterns.

Visit Artemis, Mahiri, Haraka and all the other species of Size, Speed & Venom: Extreme Snakes opening May 25 in our Deserts Dome!