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Rare Northern Spider Tortoise Hatches in Deserts
Weighing half an ounce, the hatchling is the first of its species born at the Zoo. When she hatched in February, the tiny female tortoise weighed just half an ounce – about the size of a single AA lithium battery.

The first of her species ever hatched here at the Indianapolis Zoo, this birth is also a victory for the conservation of this beautiful species, as spider tortoises are critically endangered in the wild in Madagascar.


Straight from the Swamp, Rockin’ Serious Chomp

Now Open! Alligators & Crocodiles: The Fight to Survive Presented by Central Indiana Honda Dealers
Don’t miss your chance to encounter a cold-blooded marvel! It’s an unforgettable experience – especially if you’re lucky enough to meet one of our small, juvenile alligators up close and personal!