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Three Gentoo Chicks Just Joined our Penguin Flock
We’re excited to welcome the arrival of three adorable Gentoo penguin chicks, hatched in December 2020! One of our newcomers was born to a same-sex pair—a first for the Indianapolis Zoo.

These are the first penguin chicks hatched here since 2012 and the first for our Gentoo flock since 2011.

Our Macaque Troop is Growing Again
Long-tailed macaque Glenda gave birth on New Year’s Day, then macaque Kathy added another baby to our troop on Jan. 3. Both mothers and their infants are doing great.

Our veterinarians recently confirmed the macaque born Nov. 17, 2020, to 10-year-old Momba is a girl and Zookeepers have named her Juniper. Young Juniper is growing quickly and has started exploring a bit on her own, though Momba always stays close by.