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 Discounted Rates: through November 2020   
Youth (2-12)$10.00

Please review our reopening guidelines to know what you can expect before your visit.

TICKETS—Please present your ticket (electronic or a printed copy) at Admissions when you arrive.
DOLPHIN PRESENTATIONS—Audience sizes will be limited inside the Ascension St. Vincent Dolphin Pavilion to ensure our guests can practice social distancing. If you want to attend a dolphin presentation, ask for a ticket at the gate.
FACE MASKS—We want you to be safe, and that means we’re strongly encouraging wearing masks. Our staff will wear masks and we hope you do too.
PURCHASES AT THE ZOO—All transactions at the Zoo are cashless for now.
FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE—While our indoor Café on the Commons is closed, a limited menu food service is available at Nana’s Kitchen, located on the main pathway near Flights of Fancy. Wrapped individual cutlery and condiments will be provided. Water fountains will be turned off, but the Zoo will have water bottle filling stations available inside the Oceans building and Ascension St. Vincent Dolphin Gallery. Please bring your own reusable water bottle. Picnic tables are located outside the Zoo and families can enjoy bringing their lunch to eat outside either before entering the Zoo or after.
SOCIAL DISTANCING AND ONE-WAY PATHS—Groups of visitors will be expected to follow the six feet of social distancing guidance. You’ll see clear markings on the ground throughout the Zoo to help with proper social distancing between groups. Indoor exhibits will offer one-way traffic only with each area monitored and limitations of how many guests can be in the space at one time.
LIMITED CAPACITY—The Zoo sits on 64 acres of outdoor space. We will follow the capacity and safety guidelines created by the state. We’ll also electronically monitor in real-time the number of guests in spaces like White River Gardens, Oceans, and the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center.
ADDITIONAL CLEANING—The Zoo will be sanitized and disinfected daily. A specially trained cleaning crew will conduct continuous rounds of disinfecting all high contact areas like restrooms, trash cans, picnic tables and handrails. The use of Virex, which is a one-step, quaternary-based disinfectant cleaner, will be used to clean and disinfect. We’ve also added more hand sanitizer stations throughout the Zoo.
WHAT’S CLOSED—Playgrounds, rides and overnight visits will be closed for now.
HEALTH CHECKS—Zoo guests are urged to take their temperatures and perform health checks on their entire party before coming to the Zoo. If a guest is exhibiting any flu or cold-like symptoms or a temperature of 100.4 or higher, we request them to remain at home. Zoo staff and volunteers will be monitored daily for temperature.


Tembo Camp Will Give Elephants Room to Roam

Guests can experience the majesty and power of the Zoo’s African elephant herd up close at Tembo Camp presented by Central Indiana Honda Dealers. Tembo means elephant in the Swahili language. This stunning new space that’s open now offers our elephants room to roam, and guests will get to see firsthand how the elephants are cared for and hear about global conservation efforts the Zoo supports.

This incredible exhibit expansion in Plains offers guests a chance to get up close with elephants and also watch animal care demonstrations, including baths and foot treatments. Guests may even be able to touch one of these amazing animals, creating spectacular memories to share with friends and family.

The largest land mammals on the planet, African elephants can reach a height of up to 13 feet tall and weigh up to 7 tons! Their impressive size is among the reasons elephants are such an iconic species, and remarkably, they grow that large on a diet purely of plants, including grasses, leafy plants, bushes and even tree branches. At the Zoo, our elephants also enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Elephants have been part of our family since the opening of the original Zoo back in 1964. Currently, we have six African elephants in our herd. From our largest elephant, Sophi, to our smallest, Zahara, all our elephants are ambassadors, helping to raise awareness of the threats facing their wild counterparts.

Throughout Africa, elephants are at risk due to habitat loss as well as poaching. An average of 96 elephants are killed each day for their ivory tusks, which are illegally traded around the world. At the Indianapolis Zoo, we proudly support several conservation organizations working to protect Africa’s wild elephants.