Personal Loans

At Thrive, whatever your personal loan needs may be, we can help! Whether you are needing extra funds for back to school, planning your dream vacation or looking to purchase new appliances, Thrive can help finance them! Unlike your credit card, a personal loan gives you the comfort of knowing when your loan will be paid off. You’ll also enjoy lower monthly payments and Thrive’s competitive interest rates.

Visit our loan calculator to estimate your payments.

Thrive also offers 2 other types of personal loans to fit all of your needs:
Small Dollar, Short Term Personal Loan
Personal Line of Credit 

3 easy ways to apply

  1. Apply Online by Clicking Here.
  2. Stop by any Thrive branch to start the application process.
  3. Apply during credit union hours by calling:
    Delaware Dr. — 765-284-1015 press 2
    Wheeling Ave. — 765-289-7001 press 2
    Morrison Rd. — 765-381-8204 press 2

Automatic Payments

At Thrive, take the worry and expense out of monthly loan payments. We will transfer your payment from any of your savings or checking accounts at no fee to you. Payroll deduction or direct deposit can also be applied directly to your loan. No fuss… No late payments. At Thrive, we make it easy and convenient to make your loan payments.