Strive to Thrive

Free Financial Counseling Program at Thrive Credit Union

The primary goal of our Strive to Thrive program is to help each member achieve financial success so that they can thrive in life. We recognize that from time to time everyone runs into some financial difficulties. Strive to Thrive is here to help you through your difficult financial situations, and help you develop a plan for future financial success with our free Financial Counseling Program.

Warning Signs of Financial Stress

Are you always late on paying bills or relying on grace periods?
Are you tapping into your savings to meet your monthly expenses?
Are you threatened with repossession of your car or foreclosure on your home?
Are you working overtime or a second job just to make ends meet?
Are you near or at your limit on lines of credit?
Can you only afford to make the minimum payment on charge accounts?
Are you borrowing to pay for items you used to buy with cash?
Are you regularly incurring overdraft fees on your checking account?
Are you considering bankruptcy?
Do you worry a lot about money?

Contact Us for Help

If you are experiencing any of the “Warning Signs” of financial Stress listed above, or would just like some good solid advice on how to become financially successful then:

  1. Print and complete our Financial Budget Forms by clicking here.
  2. Call one of our Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors to schedule an appointment at 765-284-1015

Counseling services include:

  • Examination of your income and expenditures.
  • Establishment of a workable, realistic budget, and savings plan.
  • Extension recommendations while urgent matters are settled.
  • Referral to outside resources that may benefit your situation.
  • Help in resolving and improving your credit.

Financial Counseling can help put you on the road to financial success by assisting with:

Budget Counseling

Evaluate overall financial status, current expenses, financial obligations and goals to create a realistic budget and spending plan.

Preventive Counseling

Help in identifying and correcting a situation before it becomes serious, including managing income loss.

Remedial Counseling

Attempts to remedy a situation that has become critical.

Debt Management

Financial arrangements with creditors for debt payment programs helping families and individuals who have become overextended.

Avoiding Bankruptcy

Attempts every alternative to avoid bankruptcy – the court of last resort.

* The information you share is entirely confidential, and will never be given to any other person, employee, or company without your permission.