Bank By Phone

For your convenience, Thrive offers the ART Phone System that gives you the capability to access your accounts, receive balances, make transfers, loan payments and more!

To access ART, please call 765-286-4151 and use the menu below:

Action Codes
10Share to Share Transfer
11Savings or Checking to Loan Transfer
12Loan Advance to Share Account
13Loan Advance Check, mailed
14Share to Share Transfer, Other Member
15Share to Loan Transfer, Other Member
17Check Withdrawal
30Checking Balance
31Savings Balance
32Loan Balance
33Share Certificate Balance
40Last Ten Checks Cleared
41Last Checking Deposit
42Checks Cleared by Check Number
50Last Ten Checking Deposits
51Last Ten Savings Deposits
52Last Ten Savings Withdrawals
53Last Ten ATM Transactions
54Last ACH Deposit
55Last ACH Withdrawal
56Last Payroll Depost
60YTD Dividends
61YTD Interest Paid
64Last Dividend Applied
70Lobby Hours
74Regular Share (Savings) Rates
81Loan Payoff Status
82Calculate Loan Amortization
- Enter 1 for payment amount of loan
- Enter 2 for amount you can borrow based on payment
97Inquiry Other Account
98Terminate Call
Account Type Codes
000Primary Shares
201Share Draft
203Elite Draft
205Premiere Money Market
509Christmas Club
501-504Special Clubs
9Home Equity
505IRA: Traditional
577Coverdell Savings