Thrive Kids

Ages 0-12

We provide parents and kids the resources they need to establish healthy financial habits when they’re young. A Thrive Kids’ savings account gives kids the opportunity to build a positive relationship with the credit union and become comfortable depositing and withdrawing cash. Thrive Kids receive gifts, can enter quarterly contests, win prizes and gain access to member only events.

Quarterly Contest: Check back for the next contest.

It’s easy to become a Thrive Kid!

  • Parent/Guardian go to any Thrive location
  • Provide kid’s social security number
  • Deposit $5 to open an account

Parent/guardians who are not members will have to provide some personal information along with a legal form of identification to open a Thrive Kids’ savings account.

Products and Services

  • Savings accountJoint account with a parent/guardian.
  • Free online and mobile banking


  • Thrive piggy bank when account is opened
  • $5 birthday gift card to The Barking Cow
  • Quarterly e-newsletter
  • Access to online educational materials
  • Opportunities to enter contests and win prizes
  • Free year-round family events

Educational Materials and Resources

Our goal is to teach kids what money is and how it can be used. Thrive uses our materials, along with Pocket Cents, to help parents instill great financial practices in kid’s lives through various lessons over time:



World of Cents (Ages 5 +)

Match coins to earn money you can use to build a magical world. The game is designed to help teach the value of money through the concepts of earning, saving and spending money, while incorporating basic math concepts.

Hit the Road – A Financial Adventure (Ages 9 +)

Take a virtual road trip across the country. Spend money wisely to complete challenges on a difficult journey.