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Picture It Perfect – Cast Your Vote

It’s YOUR turn to VOTE!
The finalists have been selected and the TOP 10 rooms desperately needing a makeover are below. Review all of the finalists and place your vote below for the room that you want to receive the $1,000 makeover.

Remember, only one vote per person. Voting is open to members and non-members, so let the voting begin and remember to share with your friends and family! Voting will end on Friday, October 27th, 2017 at 3:00pm.


Room Finalist 1

I would love to make this room into a TV room/man cave. The cracks and damaged plaster on the ceiling need to be repaired. The closet door area needs rebuilt. The walls need to be painted. Then the room needs to be equipped with flat screen TV, sectional and surrounded sound system.

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Room Finalist 2

The back room of my house was flooded this spring and we need to replace the studs, insulation, drywall, and flooring by winter. Winning the $1000 contest would cover this!

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Room Finalist 3

This room could use a makeover- new trim, hardwood floor and a coastal blue paint would make this living room a serene paradise!

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Room Finalist 4

My husband and I were just married on September 1 and have lived in our home about four years now. We plan on starting a family soon. When we bought our home we knew it was a fixer upper. We have worked on a lot of rooms but have not touch our kitchen yet. This one will be a tough one. It would be nice to have some help as it needs a lot of work!

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Room Finalist 5

My claustrophobic laundry room needs a makeover!! Could barely fit the washer and dryer in there, the wallpaper is peeling and outdated, the door frame is coming off also. I would open this room up and put some shelves/storage above the washer/dryer, put in new flooring and get rid of the wallpaper and add some earth tone paint!!

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Room Finalist 6

I would like to tile the floor and walls after putting in a new tub kit and vanity.

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Room Finalist 7

Where to began? In order to take away the ugly, I would first fix the ceiling and add new lighting. Secondly, remove old, broken cabinets and replace with new cabinetry and counter tops. A fresh coat of paint and new back splash, followed by new flooring. That would do the trick! Please!!!

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Room Finalist 8

We have lived in our house 10 years and haven’t updated it once. We have several cracks in our walls, a large crack across the entire ceiling and our carpet is ruined from the dog. I need new flooring and our walls/ceiling fixed and painted.

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Room Finalist 9

We have been trying to save up money for a long time to redo this room. We want to turn this room into our office. It will also be a seating area to meet with customers that need behavioral training with pets which is what we specialize in.

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Room Finalist 10

This little bathroom needs an update. A new tub surround and flooring would do the job. A few other updates, like paint would perk the room up to stardom!
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