Personal Line of Credit

No matter what stage of life you are in, it is full of surprises and those surprises often come with unplanned costs! Whether you are covering life’s surprises, consolidating debt into a lower interest loan, or needing a more flexible loan option, a personal line of credit can be a great choice!

Establishing a Personal Line of Credit is like having a pre-approved personal loan waiting for you whenever you need it. The Thrive Line is more flexible than a personal loan because it’s a revolving credit account, so you can borrow money in small increments as you need it, rather than having to take a new loan each time.

  • Pre-approved credit limit with a minimum credit limit of $2,500 and maximum of $10,000 per qualified borrower.
  • Apply only once for a $50 fee and borrow what you need without reapplying
  • Can be at a zero balance with no fees or penalties, including no annual fee
  • Lower rates than most credit cards with up to a 5-year draw
  • Can be tied to your Thrive checking account to protect against checking overdraft fees

Rates Effective 06/22/2022

DescriptionTerm DescriptionAPR As Low As
Personal Line of Credit5 Years5.5% Variable - Adjusts Monthly %

*Rates posted are based on prime and may be higher depending on your credit score.