Thrive Penny Wars benefiting Little Red Door

Thrive Credit Union participated in Cancer Services of East Central Indiana Little Red Door’s Kick Cancer event on June 4th. The kickball tournament raised money for Little Red Door. Thrive wasn’t ready to end fundraising efforts on the field, so they will continue raising money through June at all three branch locations in Muncie.

Starting June 14th, all Thrive branches will participate in Little Red Door Penny Wars in order to raise funds for cancer care in Delaware County. Thrive is asking for all community members to stop in and donate your change as the Thrive branches will battle it out for cancer through June 26th!

Along with Little Red Door Penny Wars, cancer ribbons will also be available for one dollar donations to honor those who have survived or lost their fight to cancer.

According to Cancer Services ECI-Little Red Door, every year the organization:

  • Serves directly 1,000 cancer patients in a six-county area
  • Provides 350 mammograms for women in Delaware County
  • Hands out 17,000 nutritional supplements in a six-county area
  • Aids 150 Hospice patients per year through IU/BMH ($120 per person)
  • Reaches 500-600 high school students through educational programs
  • Speaks to 500 women for special Breast-Health Outreach programsVisit to learn more!

Penny War Rules 

All three locations will have three piggy banks with each locations name on it.
If you place pennies or dollars it adds to that locations total and if you place silver change it subtracts from that locations total.
The location with the highest amount by June 26th will win the war and all money raised will go directly to the Little Red Door.