Is Your Debit Card Ready for travel this Memorial Day?

What you need to know about your debit card before you travel for Memorial Day.

While traveling with your Thrive debit card, we want you to not only have access to your money, but keep your banking accounts safe from fraud. Follow these simple steps for traveling with your Thrive debit card.

Call Thrive with your travel dates

In order to protect your debit card from the ongoing threat of fraud, your Thrive debit card is currently locked in all states excluding Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio as well as purchases over $200(without a pin). If you will be traveling outside of those areas or need to use your card for purchases over $200, please call Thrive at 765-284-1015 and inform us of your dates and locations of travel and if you need your card available for purchases over $200. Please make sure you call our office a few days before you leave during business hours to ensure your card is unlocked for all of your adventures.
Thrive locations and hours

Research ATM Locations

Thrive ATM’s are in the Cirrus and Star networks. This allows you to use your Thrive ATM or debit card on any other ATM nationwide that displays the Cirrus or Star logos.


When using your ATM or debit card to conduct ATM transactions while traveling, you can avoid surcharge fees with any ATM in the Co-Op network. Click here to find an ATM near you. Before you leave on vacation, download the ATM locator to research surcharge free ATMS in the Co-Op Network.

Stay Safe & Monitor Your Accounts

Download the Thrive Mobile Banking App on your Android or Apple device before you leave town. The Thrive Mobile Banking app will allow you to monitor your accounts while you are traveling.

To minimize risk, make as few trips as possible to ATMs. Memorize your PIN, and never write it down in an obvious place. Make sure you are carrying cash and your debit and credit cards in a secure place.

Make a Backup Plan

Never travel with only one type of currency. Bring along a Thrive credit card or Thrive Traveler’s card in case of an emergency, i.e. your debit card is stolen or fails to work.

If your debit card is lost or stolen after credit union business hours, you can call 1-800-523-4175.