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Financial Awareness Day

August 14, 2020

The day may not be as well-known as Christmas or Thanksgiving, but August 14 is a milestone day that could change your life. National Financial Awareness Day is August 14th. This date reminds us to be aware of how to build financial stability and to be prepared for our financial future. After all, ignoring your financial situation can be scarier than Halloween.

Are You Financially Aware?

Plain and simple, financial awareness means you’re financially literate. It maximizes your success whether you’re the CEO of your home or business.

Here’s a quick quiz to check if you’re financially aware.

  • Do you know how to manage your financial resources to make the most of the money you do have?
  • Do you seek ways to save finances?
  • Are you fully aware of how you earn and spend money?
  • Do you protect the money you already have?
  • Do you borrow money at the appropriate time?

Did you answer “yes” to all of these questions? If so, then you are financially aware. If not, don’t worry, you can easily get there.

When you fail to develop financial knowledge and skills, you feel like a fish flopping around aimlessly on a shoreline. That’s because when you aren’t in control of your finances, there’s not enough money to retire, credit cards are maxed out, and emergency funds don’t exist.

So, how do you improve financial awareness?

A great way to start developing your financial awareness is through Thrive’s financial education center – Strive to Thrive 

  1. How to Begin? Begin by visiting our free financial education center that is available to Thrive members and non-members at https://thrivecu.everfi-next.net/welcome/strive2thrive
  2. Create a Log In and password to keep track of your progress
  3. Start learning about your finances with our 6 financial education modules to start your journey to financial success!


August 14, 2020


Thrive Credit Union