5 Ways to Save Money with Technology in the 21st Century


By: Sammi Coppedge, Marketing Assistant

When most people think about technology, they probably think of teenagers thumbs moving at high speeds to send the latest text, or devoted fans following their favorite celebrities every move on Twitter. What most people probably do not think about is how technology can actually help you save money. Are you doing everything you can to save money in the 21st century?

#1: Ditch Your Landline Phone

Did you know that according to Pew Reseach, 90% of American adults own a cell phone? If you’re a part of that 90% then you realize that cell phones are costly, but unfortunately, becoming a necessity in today’s world. So how can cell phones help you save money? Since you’re probably not going to ditch your cell phone anytime soon, you can start by getting rid of the other phone bill you’re paying: your landline. To some, ditching their landline phone is easy, it’s one less thing to pay, but to others, the breakup might be little more difficult. However, the reality is that most people you talk to probably call you on your cell phone. If you have kids over the age of 12, well, they probably have a cell phone, too. Since cell phones are so costly, what’s the use of paying for something you hardly use? If you still like the functionality of a landline, but maybe don’t want to pay for it, consider purchasing a Connect to Cell cordless phone, like this one from AT&T. Whatever your decision may be, dropping your landline can be a great way to save money in the 21st century.

#2: Use apps to your advantage

Apps aren’t just for playing games anymore, they can actually help you save money! At the top of our list, if you don’t already have it, download Thrive’s mobile banking app. Mobile banking can help you track your account no matter where you are, which can help you avoid overdrafting or allow you to easily transfer money from one account to another.

Here’s a list of the best apps to help you save money in addition to managing your money:

  • Gas Buddy: This app allows you to search gas stations located around you so you can compare prices and deals before ever leaving your home. Never get stuck paying for the most expensive gas in town again!
  • Retail Me Not: With this incredibly helpful app, you can download thousands of coupons from big name companies without spending endless hours cutting them out of paper ads. When you get to the register, just show them your phone, it’s that easy.
  • Groupon: You may have heard of it before, but with Groupon, you can deals to almost every restaurant, event, or store you can think of, with deals up to 50-90% off. Even better, it’s a great way to try new things at a discounted price.

#3 Stop Paying for DVR

For most Americans paying for this service, DVR typically costs about $5 a month. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, it can add up to $60 a year. Luckily for you, there’s a way around it. Most current TV shows are posted online within 24 hours of the episode airing. Check out Hulu (most new episodes are free!) or the channel’s website itself, where you can usually find the last five episodes of a TV show. Don’t spend the money if you don’t have to!

#4 Buy and use rechargeable batteries

If you take a look around your living room and all of your other television areas, you may realize you have accumulated a variety of remotes. And what do your remotes require? Batteries, and a lot of them. Simply by purchasing rechargeable batteries, you could end up saving a lot of money over the course of a few years just by making the switch. Check out this article for the breakdown of the different costs between regular batteries and rechargeable ones.

#5 Use the Internet to get freebies

Who doesn’t love free stuff? One great perk of the internet is there is opportunity for free stuff everywhere. Check out company websites for free samples or trials from items like makeup to home goods and more. Whenever you sign up for a free sample online, just make sure the shipping is free. Also be on the lookout for trials on services you have thought about trying. Services like Spotify Premium and Hulu Plus offer free one week trials for consumers who may be on the fence about signing up for their service. Lastly, check out social media sites for lots of opportunities to win free stuff, like concert tickets, cash, and technology from your favorite companies. Social media contests are really popular right now and if you’re lucky enough, you could be the next winner.