Beat the Heat Financial Manager Contest

Beat the Heat: Take a Vacation from Stress

Forecast your financial plan & win cool cash.

If bills and unexpected expenses are making you hot under the collar, it’s easy to stay on top of your finances with Thrive Credit Union’s Financial Manager. Now we offer the tools to control your money — use Financial Manager from Thrive Credit Union to forecast what money is going in and coming out so you can make smart financial decisions.

Cashflow calendar brings your income and expenses to life with a personal interactive calendar.

Keep cool this summer & control your cash.

Add a Bill or Income source to the Cashflow Calendar in Financial Manager and be entered to win $500, $250, or one of three $100 prizes! It pays to control your cash flow and see how much money you have available to pay bills and other expenses day by day.

Entering is easy. Log in to Financial Manager from your Online Banking homepage and add at least one Bill or Income source to your Cashflow Calendar before August 31, 2016, and you’ll be automatically entered into the drawing to win one of five cash prizes.

Let us help you avoid financial stress.

How to Add a Bill or Income & Stay Stress-Free

Financial Manager makes it simple to reduce stress. Anticipate and monitor all your bills and income on your interactive calendar.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Cashflow” tab of Financial manager

Step 2: Select “Add Income” or “Add Bill” from above the calendar view

Step 3: Complete the required fields including: Name your bill/income, how much and often you get paid or what amount is due.

Step 4: Click the green “Add Bill” or “Add Income” button on the bottom of the form.

Step 5: Your bill or income will now appear in the calendar for you, whether it’s a monthly, weekly or quarterly payment.