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Spend Less & Save More

Resolution 2016: Spend Less & Save More

It’s that time of year to shed those extra pounds and bulk up your savings. A new year means new financial priorities. Financial Manager from Thrive Credit Union can help! If you spent a little more than planned this holiday season or just want to whip your finances back into shape, Financial Manager can help you spend less and stay on track for your 2016 financial goals.

Spend less and save more with Financial Manager for a chance to win CASH!

Set up your 2016 financial savings goals in Financial Manager and be entered to win $500, $250, or one of three $100 prizes! It pays to spend within your budget & save more to reach your financial goals!

Entering the contest is easy! Log in to your online banking homepage and click on the Financial Manager tab to sign up.
Set up at least one financial goal before February 29, 2016 and you’ll be automatically entered into the drawing to win one of five cash prizes.
Let us help you spend less and save more, today.

How to Set Up a Budget and Spend Smart
The real power of Financial Manager is in its ability to help you track and manage your finances by setting and monitoring spending and savings.
Step 1: Click on the “Goals” tab in Financial manager and then click “Add A Goal” to get started.
Step 2: Selection any “Save for” goal or create a “Custom Savings Goal.”
Step 3: Complete the fields to name your goal, select the account you’re saving in and the amount you wish to save along with your completion date.
Repeat for other savings goals – some of the most common savings goals include Save for a Car, Save for Retirement and Save for a Wedding.

Click Here to view the official rules of the sweepstakes