Thrive Credit Union

Savings Accounts

Become a member of Thrive Credit Union by opening a share savings account today! With a minimum deposit of only $5.00, you are instantly a member of Thrive…it’s that easy!

Your Thrive share savings account gives you full access to the wide array of credit union products and services. By opening your share savings account, you will receive convenient 24 hour access to your account with our online banking services, mobile banking and Bank by Phone services.

Once you have opened your share savings account, take advantage of our additional savings accounts that will conveniently help you manage your financial life:
Club Accounts
Share Certificates
Save to Win Share Certificates
Money Market Account.

Dividends Posted Monthly
Account Type Minimum Maximum
Tiered Share Rates $ 0.01 $ 5,000.00
0.10 %
0.10 %
$ 5,000.01 $ 50,000.00
0.10 %
0.10 %
$ 50,000.01 $ & Up
0.10 %
0.10 %

***APR is Annual Percentage Rate. *** APY is Annual Percentage Yield. ALL RATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT DISCRETION OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS.