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Credit Life & Accident and Sickness Insurance. 
Is Your Family Protected Against The Unexpected?



Help Protect Your Family’s Lifestyle for Just Pennies A Day.
Payment Protection can safeguard your family’s lifestyle  —  and your peace of mind.  It’s financial help you can count on when you need it most.  And it’s convenient, economical and easy to qualify.

Why Take The Risk?
Who will make your loan payments if you can’t?  That’s a worry you won’t have to face with Payment Protection.  If you die or become disabled due to a covered illness or accident, your loan payments may be reduced or paid off.

Simple Eligibility.
No physical exam is required to qualify.  And the rates are low  —  coverage is just pennies a day.

No Additional Bills.
Don’t worry about additional bills to pay, your premium will be included in your monthly loan payment.

Rest Easy.
With Payment protection, you can rest easy knowing your benefits will be paid in addition to any other insurance or company protection you may  have.

Act Today.
Protect yourself and your family every time you borrow.  Ask your loan officer for details about Payment Protection today.

Payment Protection is Credit Insurance and is underwritten by:
Life Investors Insurance Company of America
Home Office: Cedar Rapids, IA

Marketed by:
Creditor Resources, Inc.
This program is available only to members of the credit union shown on the loan calculator page.  Some exclusions and limitations may apply.